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An ISO:22000:2005 (HACCP) Certified Company
An NSIC CRISIL Rated Company
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Global Estate Tea & Exports is the leading tea player since 1990’s dealing in processed tea in India with many brand names and several different types of packing. We believe in innovation, continuous development & customer satisfaction. Century Sangam serves a universal family of tea lovers. For over a century, Century Sangam has benchmarked a rich and successful experience in the field of tea production, blending and distribution.

Today, Century Sangam Tea Group from its ultra modern plant offers three popular brands to meet the different tastes of consumers. Currently, these brands are available at more than one lakh retail outlets across Uttrakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir and some parts of Delhi and overseas markets. The Company, a family managed organization, is now forging ahead with a global vision with the help of professional managers and field experts. We assure excellent quality tea.

In a short span of less than two decades, Century Sangam Group has firmly entrenched itself in the hearts of millions of customers in India and abroad. A leadership position has been maintained despite tough competition from multinationals and Indian conglomerates.

Procurement is done from the auctions after careful & minute assessment of tea available in the market before auction tea is checked in terms of liquor, taste, strength etc.

Through The 60s, 70s and 80s the consumption of tea in India rose steadily whether by 3% or 4% annually with the rising population, improving prosperity and urbanization, it was expected that the consumption would continue to rise at the same pace. The energizing rejuvenating drink that millions wake up to in the world over starts as a green leaf on a bush grown in a plantation.

Global Estate Tea & Exports is a legend trade that has been establishing its regime in the international markets. Company is the member of TPAI (Tea Packers Association of India). In coming future company will be certified in organic sector also. Global Estate Tea & Exports is ISO 22000:2005 (HACCP) Certified Company. Group has diverse portfolio in medicine, consultancy and finance.