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An NSIC CRISIL Rated Company
Blending Unit
Our unit is state of art machine equipped for various hi-tech solutions. Our blenders are equipped to automatically select teas to produce the 24 carat perfect blend.

Even if the same teas are not available, the blender knowledge of the produce will mean he or she is able to source a whole new set of teas to gain the same characteristics of the tea that is unobtainable. As a result, no matter what tea is put into the blend, the consumer will never know the difference. Only a tea tester with years of experience is able to do this successfully.

Most commercial blends are compiled on a computer and physically mixed in batches of thousand of kilograms by machine. However, only the very finest blends will be mixed by hand in order not to break the delicate leaves- at Global tea or Sangam tea we take pride to blend them for better results.

With Sangam tea we have taken the art of blending one step further. Even the very largest tea company will only have a few dozen different blends in their portfolio to draw from with the hope that there is something for everyone. However, at Sangam tea we create a new combination of teas for every order so that everyone will have their own bespoke blend specifically made for them. We also ensure that every time a particular sangam tea is re –ordered it tastes exactly the same as the previous one made.

Master Blending :

What does your role involve?
There are nine people responsible for the buying, blending and quality control of all Sangam products. We split the world up between us and our role is quite unusual. We each take responsibility for the whole journey of particular origins of tea - from producer country to the finished product. Specific blenders work mainly on the herb and fruit infusions - that's a real extension of the tea-tester's skills, as those delicate ingredients and flavours aren't from a tea bush.

What makes tea blending such an art?
We follow the same blend recipe every time to ensure we keep the quality consistent. These recipes are known only to the tea blenders. A blend can include many different teas from different tea estates. We assess the characteristics of each crop of tea and then decide how best to use its characteristics to enhance the flavour, body, colour or the brightness of the tea blend. The art of blending is to analyze teas in minute detail so that each element of the blend is of consistent high quality.

How does Sangam source its teas?
We source tea from many estates and plantations around the world and some of these relationships go back generations. Sangam has a great advantage that it doesn't own any tea gardens, which means we are free to select the best every time. We taste teas with the growers and suppliers on estates before ordering teas for our blends as it is important that they understand our expectations and requirements. Teas are then bought at auction, the frequency of this depends but in the major tea growing countries, it is weekly.

So, how do you use your highly developed sense of taste?
The process of tasting involves spraying or atomizing the tea across the palate, almost 'hovering' the tea up from a special tea spoon! The resulting vapour releases the flavour and aroma and enables us to judge the strength, thickness and briskness of the tea.

How do you maintain and build your knowledge of tea?
It takes five years to train as a tea buyer and over this time a trainee will shadow a master blender and spend time at tea estates learning. Sangam takes a real interest in new variations in taste, growth and production. We are continuously seeking out innovative raw materials to develop new blends and flavours to suit the preferences of tea-drinkers throughout the world.

Why is Sangam tea so special?
Through long-standing relationships with producers - especially in the more unusual parts of the world - we can achieve incredibly diverse, inventive and innovative results with our teas. Each blender has a very focused, specialized knowledge of a particular tea-producing region, as well as a broad understanding of all tea producing countries. We're also one of the few beverage companies that blend herb and fruit ingredients at our factories, rather than buying in pre-mixed blends for packing. This ensures that we control what goes into our products and that the recipes are unique to sangam.