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At Global our experts drink thousands of cups of tea daily, so that every cup that reaches you is full of rich antioxidants with refreshing taste and make an exact flavour for a particular blend.

Everybody has the same senses for tasting – eyes, tongue, nose - but it`s how you use them that determines whether you`re good enough to taste tea for a living. After a year of tasting over 500cups of tea a day we have memorized enough individual characteristics to have only a very basic knowledge of the different colours, flavours and styles of tea. But perhaps more importantly, we are now able to spit without dribbling on either ourselves or our team! It was only after a year of training and visiting over 120 tea estates around the world that I could legitimately call myself a master faster. Such intensive training is not for the faint hearted. It means that I should be able to identify the region and often the particular estate a tea originated from in the world with a blindfold on.

Each tea and herb from every estate has its own flavour, shape, colour, and style characteristics. In order to classify these for the purpose of blending a whole language of terms are used by faster and blenders the world over. Some of the terms are very simple and self-explanatory, but various other more quirky terms have evolved (much like any other language) that may mean nothing to other –sometimes even other tea taster!