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Type of Tea
BLACK TEA: The two leaves and a bud, which is the origination point of the tea, are plucked and go through a process of withering and rolling before drying. The most consumed types of all; black tea is perfect for making both, hot spiced tea and iced tea. Black tea goes through process called, cut torn & curled giving them black colour and name. Black tea is more caffeinated as compared to other types of tea and it is often enjoyed with milk.

WHITE TEA: Largely grown in China and Japan, white tea is rarely consumed least caffeinated of all. Unlike black tea, white tea is not fermented or lightly fermented. Plucked at first break of sun, white tea derives its name from the tea – buds covered with fine silvery hair.

GREEN TEA: Green tea is so called because the leaves retain the same fresh green color. Green tea is also non – fermented tea that helps to retain the green colour. Having almost same sweet ting as white tea. Green tea has grassy undertone that differentiate it from white tea. Green tea is rich in antioxidants and contains a lesser percentage of caffeine compared to black tea.

OOLONG TEA: Oolong tea falls between green tea & black tea as it is fermented like black tea but partly, by a unique process, oolong tea gets frailty of green tea and depth of black tea in a balanced manner. This tea is mainly grown in China and Taiwan.

SCENTED OR SPICED TEA: Classic infusion of natural flower extracts with green or oolong tea is called scented or spiced tea. Jasmine tea is classic example for this type of tea. Closer to home people enjoy Lemon tea or Orange tea.